George (3_legdcat) wrote in tampadrivers,

Slowpokes & Wide Loads

Dear clueless ass clown in the light blue Toyota Corolla,

What the FUCK were you doing going 45mph in the center lane on 275 when everyone was zipping around you going 20-30mph faster than you? Do you have a death wish? Are you clueless? Yapping on your cell phone? Did the sight of a white Ford F-150 coming up on you at 70mph make you shit your pants? Well here's a hint--people are passing you like you're standing still on both sides! So if you had your thinking cap on, presumably you would have either 1) sped up to the flow of traffic or 2) moved into the slow lane. Or better yet, if you want to drive like a pokey ass, do us all a favor and stay off the damn freeway!!!

Love & hugs,

The white Ford F-150
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